Reward Token built on AVAX
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What is Coingrab $GRAB?

CoinGrab $GRAB is a reward based token built on AVAX that airdrops tokens to $GRAB holders. This means that if you hold $GRAB you will be rewarded with token AirDrops. There is no need to claim or stake your tokens, all you need to do is HODL.

Why is CoinGrab a gud investment?

CoinGrab enables you to build a diverse portfolio of AVAX tokens, offering the best potential for substantial profit gains in the upcoming bull run.

Where can I buy $GRAB

$GRAB can be purchased on TraderJoe (here)

How does CoinGrab Work?

$GRAB charges a TAX on each buy/sell transaction, that tax is divided 5% rewards 1% LP. 5% Rewards goes to buying the current farmed reward token and then distributed back to $GRAB holders proportionally based on total $GRAB holdings. More $GRAB More Rewards.

As the Tax is applied on buys and sells, the $GRAB tokens get stored in the Contract Address. Yet only when a sell occurs is that the token distributes the rewards to $GRAB holders.

Note: The total distribution of Rewards is adjusted to 5B per reward swap. This is to reduce the sell pressure created by the smart contract. As the project generates more liquidity this is increase. Up to now, it has been increased 3 times. Join our telegram to learn and vote for when the reward is increased.

What's the tax?

6% on buy/sell. 5% goes to Rewards and 1% to the Liquidity Pool

How do I receive rewards?

Hold $GRAB in your wallet. No staking or claiming involved. The smart contract will automatically airdrop the farmed token to your wallet.

How long does it usually take for rewards to arrive in my wallet?

The distribution of rewards may fluctuate based on factors such as volume, holder count, and the amounts of transactions selling $GRAB.

How are reward tokens decided?

At the project's launch, we introduced $RPG rewards as a tribute to Red Ponzi Gud, who pioneered such projects. Moving forward, decisions regarding rewards will be determined through a Governance vote, involving $GRAB holders. $GRAB holders will have the opportunity to suggest new reward tokens and participate in voting for the upcoming reward token in our SnapShot space (here).

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